CARLOS MARTINEZ MEMORIAL GOLF TOURNAMENT: Celebrating A Lifetime and Legacy of Service To Our Nation’s Veterans

Long-time supporters of American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program’s annual Veteran’s Day golf tournament will notice a great change in our 9th year of hosting this event: the memorialization of Mr. Carlos Martinez, our CEO and President of 48 years, who was tragically lost to COVID-19 on August 4, 2020.

Like most of the greatest heroes that each of us meet in our lifetime, Mr. Martinez’s humble nature and determination to put the Mission in the spotlight veiled the grand role he played. But in fact, Carlos Martinez’s leadership and vision spirited not just the growth and expansion of this organization but also enhanced and advanced this nation’s strategies for serving Veterans in need.

Your participation is an endorsement of Mr. Martinez’s great mission and supports the continued effort of this organization to outreach to Veterans and their families.

In service to Veterans Mr. Martinez met with five presidents and countless city, county, and State leaders. From the ground up, Mr. Martinez built a manufacturing plant to employ disabled Veterans and later transformed a downtown warehouse to create transitional housing for Veterans as well as a kitting work center to provide even more jobs. Seeing a need, Mr. Martinez also spearheaded the establishment of affordable housing units for the elderly.

May Mr. Martinez’s vision inspire us all to do more, do better, and do it with a smile as big as his.